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本文摘要:An ultra-realistic robot was unveiled last week by researchers from the University of Science and Technology in China (USTC).上周,由中国科技大学研究人员研发的高建模机器人月揭露面纱。


An ultra-realistic robot was unveiled last week by researchers from the University of Science and Technology in China (USTC).上周,由中国科技大学研究人员研发的高建模机器人月揭露面纱。Jia Jia, as the female robot has been named, is apparently capable of basic communication, interaction with nearby people, and natural facial expressions. Unfortunately, many of her pre-programmed interactions appear to be highly stereotypical.这一女性机器人被命名为佳佳,不具备基本交流能力,可以和周边的人交流对话,并且有很大自然的面部表情。然而意外地是,她很多的预编对话都或许具有偏见。

For example, if Jia Jia detects that someone is taking a photo of her, shell warn the photographer to stand back or else the picture will make her face look fat. Jia Jia cant do much beyond that though. Essential human emotional responses like laughing and crying are not in the robots repertoire. Her hands have also been left lifeless. She does, however, speak super subserviently. The prompt, Hello, elicits the reply, Yes my lord. What can I do for you?比如,如果佳佳找到有人在给她拍照片,她不会警告照片者车站近点儿拍电影,否则不会让她的脸看上去很胖。不过,佳佳没有办法做到更加多事情,像笑以及流泪这些反应她都还没。她的双手也变得较为死板。不过,她可以十分通好地说出,如果你说道,你好,她一定会恢复,在,主人,我能为你做到什么呢?Weve seen a few other ultra-realistic female robots recently. A few weeks ago a 42-year-old product and graphic designer from Hong Kong revealed Mark 1, a $50,000 female robot. The project, which took a year and a half to complete, was supposedly the fulfillment of a childhood dream.最近,我们看见了多款建模女机器人。

几星期前,一名来自香港的42岁产品及平面设计师发售了一款取名为Mark 1的价值5万美元的女性机器人。这个项目花上了设计师一年半的时间,主要是为了已完成其童年的梦想。Like Jia Jia, Mark 1 is capable of basic human-like interaction, command responses, and movement. Mark 1 actually outperforms Jia Jia in that the former can move its limbs, turn its head, bow, smirk, and wink.和佳佳类似于,Mark 1也能做基本的类人形似交流,对此命令和动作。


Mark 1比佳佳更加篮的是,她可以活动四肢,转身,双手,微笑以及眨眼。And thats just the most recent example. Last year researchers at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan and Shanghai Shenqing Industry in China revealed Yangyang, a dynamic robot with an resemblance to Sarah Palin. Yangyang also seems to do more than Jia Jia with its abilities to hug and shake hands.这只是近期的例子,去年,上海申磬产业有限公司与大阪大学的研发人员合作,在中国发售了阳杨--一个很像萨拉·佩林的机器人,看上去也比佳佳更加智能,她可以亲吻和问候。

The USTC researchers spent three years developing Jia Jia, and they arent done yet. Team director Chen Xiaoping says he hopes to develop and refine their creation, equipping it with artificial intelligence through deep learning and the ability to recognize peoples facial expressions, according to Xinhua News. Chen hopes Jia Jia will become an intelligence robot goddess. He added that the prototype was priceless and would not yet consider mass production.中国科技大学的研究人员花费了3年时间研发佳佳,而且他们还没竣工。根据新华社报导,团队领导陈小平回应,期望需要发展和完备他的发明者,并更进一步配备有了解自学以及辨识面部表情能力的人工智能。陈小平期望佳佳能变为智慧的机器人女神,他还补足说,此原型是珍爱的,继续会量产。