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本文摘要:Chendu in China is planning to launch an ‘artificial moon’ that will light up the skies as far as 50 miles around.中国成都计划升空一颗“人造月亮”,它将照耀周边50英里的天空。


Chendu in China is planning to launch an ‘artificial moon’ that will light up the skies as far as 50 miles around.中国成都计划升空一颗“人造月亮”,它将照耀周边50英里的天空。The so-called illumination satellite set to deploy over the southwestern city of Chengdu in 2020 is touted to be eight times as bright as the real moon, to cast a ‘dusk-like glow’ over the region.这颗所谓的灯光卫星将于2020年部署于成都西南部的海面。据信它的亮度是确实月亮的8倍,可以为整个地区获取“黄昏般的微光”。Officials have released few details on the project, but say the idea pulls inspiration from a French artist who envisioned a necklace of mirrors hanging over Earth.官方完全没发布关于这个项目的细节,但回应该理念的启发来自一位法国艺术家,这位艺术家曾想象过为地球戴着上一条镜子制成的项链。

It will complement the moon to make Chengu’s night skies brighter when it launches in 2020, potentially serving as a replacement to conventional streetlights.这颗卫星于2020年升空,它将作为月亮的给养,使成都的夜空更为暗淡,而且可能会替代传统的路灯。The artificial moon can be controlled to light up an area between 10 and 80 kilometers wide (6 to 50 miles).这颗人造月亮的灯光范围可以掌控在10~80公里(6~50英里)。


While it might sound implausible , the experts say the technology has been in the works for years and has now ‘matured’ toward readiness.虽然这听得上去有可能令人难以置信,但专家回应,多年来他们仍然在研究这项技术,如今这项技术早已“成熟期”,准备就绪了。Whether the plan will ultimately come to fruition, however, remains to be seen.然而,这项计划最后否不会获得成果仍须要拭目以待。Chengdu’s artificial moon has already been met with criticism from skeptics and concerned citizens who argue that the light will have adverse effects on animals and astronomical observation.成都的人造月亮早已遭了怀疑论者和担忧的市民们的谴责。

他们指出,人造月亮的光芒不会对动物和天文观测产生不良影响。But it is said that the light will amount only to a ‘dusk-like glow.’不过据传,它的光芒只相等于“黄昏时的微光”。